The 10th Anniversary of the Manila Composers Lab in The Phillipines

Thoughts about my recent visit to the 10th Anniversary of the Manila Composers Lab in the Phillipines with Luong Hue Trinh!

Sound Travels with Jeff von der Schmidt

3031EE04-3B3A-4DAC-8577-3F80A94E453E The triumphant members of the 10th Manila Composers Lab.

“I feel like I’ve just visited the Bayreuth of the Phillipines,” I said to my gracious host, composer and ethnomusicologist Ramón Pagayon Santos. He’d invited us over for an expansive morning and afternoon conversation including lunch the day after the final concert of the 10th anniversary of the Manila Composers Lab.

One critical aspect of my 2019 residency with the Hà Nội New Music Ensemble are my visits to the new music neighbors of Việt Nam. Before arriving in my second home here in Hà Nội, I’ve made fresh contacts with new friends in Singapore and met composers in Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand. Before heading home to California, I will go to Japan in late April, after the conclusion of Hà Nội’s fourth season, to follow-up with many friends in the Japanese new music world.

I am already convinced…

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