“The Ancient is New & The New is Ancient” at L’espace in Hà Nội

Sound Travels with Jeff von der Schmidt

146FCB75-9BB0-4459-9FDE-0409E95CD5E5 A silhouette of my friend Hương Lan in Huế.

I have been trying not to view Japan as an absolute but as a duality, otherwise the tradition does not come alive but remains an unavoidable antique.

In 1989 Toru Takemitsu wrote an essential article, Sound of East, Sound of West. For me, his perspective gives a serious reader a compass of magnetic certainty for navigating the blending soundscapes of our musical world. And like any map locating an unknown destination, my dog eared copy of this East Meets West article, a transcription of a lecture Takemitsu delivered at Columbia University in New York City, has been read and re-read more times than I can count.

On Saturday night December 1st, 2018 at 20h00, the Institut-Français Hà Nội sponsors the ongoing collaboration of the Hà Nội New Music Ensemble and the Đông Kinh Cở Nhạc/Ancient Ensemble of Tonkin at…

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