Meet the Musicians

Enjoy an inside visit with the members of the Hanoi New Music Ensemble!

Jan Karlin — What's Next?

2016-09-17 15.05.03

We arrived in Hanoi in September 2016 to begin the second season of the Hanoi New Music Ensemble. Jeff and I were hopeful that the enthusiasm and accomplishments of the inaugural season would keep the ensemble moving forward — all signs were good!

However, there are challenges forming any new group throughout the globe. Which players are a good match for the demands of new music? How will we prepare and rehearse within players’ busy teaching and orchestra schedules? Where will the concerts be held and how will we find an audience? Who will organize the rehearsals, percussion, and piano?

It is a big puzzle that needs big solutions. Not everyone is suited to organizing all the pieces of concert production. The artistic director, in this case Vu Nhat Tan, determines the program, composes new works, and assists where necessary in production and marketing. Executive director Pham Truong Son is…

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